"Serve Save Share" "The motto of The Anglican Church of North India"

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Rt. Rev. Dr. Probal Kanto Dutta

Introduction: The diaconal ministry of Jesus encompasses His three-dimensional life-Vertical, Horizontal and Circumferential.these together reflect the representational mission of Jesus in praxis. The Anglican Church of North India (ACNI) IS committed and destined to its mission engrafted in the three inclusive manifestations of the life and mission of Jesus, namely Serve, Save and Share.this is implicitly expressed in chapter six of the gospel of John.

Serve: Jesus derived his ministry from the god of the father and translated it into the entire world, describing the vertical dimension of His ministry. His service has been designed for the holistic purpose surrounding the worldly and the otherworldly realms. Jesus followed His mission principle,” to serve and not to be served”, throughout His life, even to the point of His death on the cross. Jesus ministered to the people by meeting their immediate physical need for sustenance and then provided them the food for their life of eternity.thus, the spirit of service is generated from god, worked through Jesus,and directed towards creating a sense of community life both here and hereafter.
Save: The saving act of Jesus has four-dimensional manifestations – (i)release of the soul from the bondage of sin, (ii) direction of mind form the outwardly spheres to the inward realm, (iii) disciplining the body from its random irregular practices with bad motifs along with its longstanding issues, and (iv) emancipating the whole person from its different deceiving factors of the total egoistic existence. The saving activity of Jesus displays the horizontal dimension of His ministry. Long before Jesus had shown His saving activity on the cross of Calvary,that He was the savior had been revealed through His teaching, the performance of miracles, display of signs, and people’s testimonies on His identity, apart from the biblical prophecies on Him. Jesus saved the world from its multi-dimensional bondages. The mission of the church has no option but to follow the model Jesus set before her.
Share: The culmination of the mission of Jesus was in sharing of His divinity with the disciples in the form of delegating them His power.His sharing and/or delegation involved His three actions, namely, commanding, sending,and Administering.The disciples were only to receive,respond and reciprocate,which they did faithfully.When they involved themselves in the ministry,sharing became for them first communicational followed by transformational,and thus altogether sharing became circumferential.sharing the redemptive work of Christ with other is mandatory for all believers of chirist. Thus, sharing indicates its two basic foundations of the Christian life: one,Jesus holds the key of sharing through His lifegiving sacrifice,and two, without the act of sharing the identity of discipleship, become null and void.
Conclusion: The words and actions of Jesus,i.e. Serve Save Share, constitute a triangle in which the global mission of god finds its fulfillment. The Anglican Church of North India (ACNI) is working towards this goal by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and with the cooperative involvement of the god’s people.